PAD Sites

Public Access Defibrillators

Rice University maintains 62 Public Access Defibrillator sites (PAD sites) on campus.

These sites are stocked with defibrillators, devices used in the event of a cardiac arrest. Defibrillators can analyze a person’s heart rhythm and decide whether or not to apply a shock accordingly. Our PAD sites supply Philips HeartStart FRx defibrillators and other equipment and are available for public use when necessary. These sites can be found in high-traffic buildings.

An interactive map of on-campus PAD sites can be found here.

How to use an AED

AEDs are meant to be user-friendly so that any bystander can operate it. Pressing the power button activates the AED. The AED will then provide you with all the necessary instructions. We highly recommend taking a free CPR course to practice using an AED and learn proper CPR. Sign up for CPR classes here.

If you would like more specific information on how to use an AED, this video by Philips healthcare will take an in-depth step by step look at how to use an AED for both adults and children.

Additionally, the following video explains how to use our cardiac science AEDs on campus:

Finally, we want to remind you to please have someone else call Rice EMS at 713-348-6000. Though many of our cabinets have automatic alarms, without help from you and other bystanders, EMTs responding will not be able to find the patient. In addition, calling RUPD allows EMTs to get additional information about the emergency, and can speed up the arrival of EMTs and the ambulance.