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If you have an emergency on campus, call x6000 (713-348-6000) or pick up any blue-light phone. If you have an off-campus emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Knowing What to Do

No one ever expects an emergency, but it could happen at any moment and at any time. Medical emergencies can be extremely distressing experiences that do not always have an easy response. It is easy to panic and lose your calm; however, to provide a patient the best care they deserve, it is crucial to stay level-headed and run through a few easy steps that could save a life. Regardless of your clinical background, the following page will detail some things that everyone can follow to prepare for an emergency such that if the need ever arises, you will be prepared to help a member of your community, be that a student or faculty member.


For more information and a different perspective on emergencies, this article explores the lessons a mother learned from her child’s trip to an ER and their subsequent hospitalization.