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EMSP 491/492

EMSP 491/492 is an independent program of study for students interested in research in prehospital medicine. All students will complete a research project under the supervision of a faculty member. There is no formal classroom instruction. Students must perform research with a faculty member from the Baylor College of Medicine and required to spend at least 9 hours per week actively working on their project for 3 hours of credit.  EMSP 491/492 requires a research proposal, bi-monthly reports and a final project (either a research paper in the fall semester or a poster presentation in the spring semester). Instructor permission is required. To receive credit, a student must participate in a research project. Credit cannot be received for physician shadowing. Students will not receive course credit if they are being paid for their work.

Are You Interested in Taking This Course?

Finding a project: Prior to enrollment in EMSP 491/492, you must secure a position on a research project. You can identify projects by reading faculty members’ scientific publications and website research summaries. You can then email the faculty member to inquire about the possibility of performing research within their area of interest. If the faculty member agrees, you and the faculty member can meet and discuss the available projects, and other details.

Registration: Once you have found a project, you must then obtain a signed special registration from the Program Director, and register for EMSP 491/492.  You must complete an application form at least one month prior to the start of classes.  The EMSP 491/492 Course Director will then contact your off-campus professor to confirm that s/he has agreed to supervise you. The off-campus Physician Faculty supervising your research contributes to the assigned grades.  All EMSP 491/492 students should register before the beginning of the semester; those students who register after the second week of classes will face a grade penalty. Students who begin their research late will be required to make up missed research hours over the course of the semester.

Registration for the Spring 2017 course is available Contact the Program Director Lisa Basgall for additional information.

picture1Course Personnel (visit Contact Us)

   Dr. Shane Jenks – Course Director

   Dr. Zubaid Rafique – Course Director

   Lisa Basgall – Program Director

Getting Started

Helpful Course Documents

  Notes on Abstract and Reports